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Monthly Archives: April 2006

What kind of world are we living in?

What the fuck is wrong with people? I heard about this story when it was in the news, but even now, after sitting on it for some time, I’m as speechless as I was then. Time Magazine profile of Mukhtaran Bibi, excerpted below: Tuesday, Apr. 25, 2006 Mukhtaran Bibi A Pakistani Rape Victim Fights Back [...]


Very brief commentary on: MIT Chinese students take offense Will not talking about it mean it didn’t happen? Maybe I don’t understand because I haven’t yet been a part of something like it (Tiananmen Square, Auschwitz), but it eludes me how people get offended at the mention of historical facts (assuming, of course, that they [...]

Short, incomplete lists

I’ll update as I think of more. Irony (Inspired by Discovery Channel’s “I shouldn’t be alive”): Irony is being stranded in a dinghy in the ocean and dying from dehydration.  You can’t drink the saltwater or even your own urine because it’ll only dehydrate you faster than you would without it.  Furthermore, the salt is hard [...]

April 26, 2006

Maybe nepotism and heredity and the terms of emperors and royalty…you could think it’s based on the underlying belief that all humans are equal, in the sense that they held that it’s not a person’s intrinsic value that makes them a good king or ruler or prince or worker. It’s their circumstances, where they’re born, [...]

Steep, very steep

 How do you drive up that in the winter?

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