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Movie scene

A guy and a girl just meet and she gives him some trinket to remember her by. The guy’s friends notice that he’s somewhat lost and ask him what’s the matter. He explains to them what happened, and as he’s explaining their meeting to them, one of his friends steals the trinket from his hand. The friends proceed to throw the trinket and catch it amongst themselves. The guy’s not playing monkey-in-the-middle. He’s just standing on the side, laughing at his friends and smiling at the thought of the girl.

Just then the girl happens to drive by (or walk by or ride by on her bicycle). The guy sees her, and his first reaction is fear. He becomes afraid that she’ll get offended that the trinket she so lovingly (in his mind at least) gave him is being tossed around in the air by people she doesn’t know. Immediately he proceeds to retain the trinket from his friends. After some effort he retrieves it. He looks toward the girl with a crooked smile, meaning to apologize to her and reassure her that she and her gift mean more to him than what might appear right now.

She sees his timidity, his fear of offending her, his efforts to recover what he thinks he might have lost, and breaks into a light-hearted (but sincerely from the heart) giggle.

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