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  • People (especially women) wearing sunglasses at the deceased’s burial to hide their bloodshot eyes and faces wrinkled from crying.  Why cover that up?  Why hide that you’ve been grieving your loss?  Is it so important to look good in a moment that’s supposed to be stripped bare of vanity, or is vanity appropriate even then, when the one you’re assembled for isn’t even alive to see you or judge how you look?
  • A man in a suit lying facedown on a street in New York City while the crowds pass him by, suggesting that it’s a completely natural occurrence in the big city.  A newcomer to the city, who almost tripped over the fallen man, is more amazed by the indifferent passers-by than the unconscious man on the ground.
  • A collection of cassettes (and even CDs) in this era of mp3 music.  A $5 portable cassette player that you bought from K-mart to be able to listen to the sounds.  You’re no audiophile; you don’t need equipment costing thousands of dollars to properly enjoy music.  You’re an aficionado of the musical notes and lyrics; you appreciate the content more than the medium that delivers it or the quality it’s delivered in.

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