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I wonder about the teachers I’ve had, about how many of them went into teaching for the love of it.  Maybe some of them saw it as a second life, another chance to make the impact they failed to make when they were students in high school and university.  As a student we bear hardly any weight (at least most of us) on other students we interact with and come across at bars or social events.  As a teacher however, regardless of how cool or not cool, how smart or not smart you are, you hold a position to influence by virtue of your office.  A position of power; we all crave power.  I’ve said before that teachers are the fundamental building block of a better society, but it seems to me that some teachers might be in teaching for the wrong reason: to feel better about themselves not for molding students into intelligent people, but because they practice direct authority over others – the same authority they felt upon them from their teachers and the more popular students in their younger years.

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