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Monthly Archives: April 2006


I wonder about the teachers I’ve had, about how many of them went into teaching for the love of it.  Maybe some of them saw it as a second life, another chance to make the impact they failed to make when they were students in high school and university.  As a student we bear hardly [...]


  People (especially women) wearing sunglasses at the deceased’s burial to hide their bloodshot eyes and faces wrinkled from crying.  Why cover that up?  Why hide that you’ve been grieving your loss?  Is it so important to look good in a moment that’s supposed to be stripped bare of vanity, or is vanity appropriate even [...]

Spring images

Spring is in session.

April 21, 2006

Conversation overheard at barber shop: Barber 1: So-and-so told me today that his son died from AIDS. Barber 2: He finally told you? Barber 1: Yeah. He said he wasn’t funny or nothin’. He got it from a blood transfusion. Barber 2: Hmm. What did he do? Barber 1: He said he was a florist. [...]

Basic tenets of life

1. Every action has a consequence. We can drink and take drugs and enjoy the night away, fornicating without inhibitions with strangers even, but the next day won’t be pretty. You’ll wonder what you were thinking the night before when you went overboard; why you didn’t keep these consequences you’re suffering in mind then. 2. [...]

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