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If I could…

  • I would visit old girlfriends to observe their present relationships in order to be a better partner in my current one. If they’re happy, I’d look for what it is their partner gives them that keeps them happy that I couldn’t give them. If I can, I would change it by giving it to Sabrina now. If I can’t, at least I’ll know; at least I’ll have tried.

  • I would read every book ever written. I would read it, absorb it, comprehend it. It doesn’t matter if the book…
    • Is written in English or Estonian
    • Is 5 pages or 500 pages
    • Incites people to practice rapid proliferation or mass extermination of living beings
    • Is a Nobel-prize winner or unanimously voted as the worst book ever written

  • I would spend a day in the shoes of every human being on the planet, and also in the souls of animals. I would get an answer to the burning question of what it’s like to be them.

  • I would knock on the front door of a mansion and have a candid conversation with its owner. I would ask him whether he’s successful from inheritance, luck, or hard work. If it’s either of the latter two, I’d ask him what his influences were in the crucial forming years: family, books, friends, celebrities, teachers.

  • I would spend a month in every country of the world. In that month I would…
    • See as much of the natural beauty as I possibly can (mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, parks, volcanoes)
    • Visit a university campus and see how students there interact
    • Visit a bar/club on a weekend to see how similar or different social interactions are in other places compared to North America
    • Go into the home of a working family and interview them about how they like living where they are; whether America and American things weigh heavily in their daily lives and personal and social consciences

  • I would interview a rapist, a cold-blooded murderer, and a mass murderer. I would talk to them as humans, not criminals. I wouldn’t ask them the tired old questions about how their childhood was, whether their parents were abusive, etc. I would get straight to the point and listen to everything they have to say without any prejudgment.

  • I would recycle everything I’ve thrown away in the past that could’ve been recycled. I would return every plastic bag to the grocery store that I didn’t need but didn’t speak up when it was given to me.

  • I would write more in the night, when my best thoughts come to me but I’m feeling too lazy to record them.

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