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Commentary on Moussaoui’s sentencing

Am I evil for pausing to give second thought and more than indignant dismissal to Zacarias Moussaoui’s statements at his sentencing today? He said something to the effect that they hold me responsible for many deaths on 9/11, but how many deaths have you [the judge sentencing him] sanctioned through the CIA? Some of the remarks I’m hearing (on CNN) from 9/11 victims’ families toward this man at the trial are plain childish. The judge herself said something like “We’ll get to go out, see the sun, have freedom, see the birds, while you have to rot in jail for the rest of your life.” What kind of thing is that to say to a person whose sheer determination and intensity of belief deserves mention in our world of indecision? You think you’ll reach him with something juvenile and utterly asinine as that?

Osama bin Laden still incites hatred in my heart. I want him caught and destroyed. But hearing Moussaoui speak at his own trial with such defiance and hatred toward America makes me pause and wonder: Just what kind of “costs” has the American dream incurred throughout the world over the past…20 years? What crimes and injustices have been perpetrated far away from here so I can live the life I live? What’s worse is that it wasn’t even done for me or people of my social class; we’re just drinking the elixir of comfort and luxury that’s leaked from the barrels of the rich and political down into our stratosphere. We are ignorant; I am ignorant of the facts; and complacent, so that I’ll repeatedly admit my ignorance before I do anything to erase it. Why? Because it’s ostensibly disparate from my daily life. My concern isn’t whether I’m going to live through the day and sleep one more night; whether I’m going to be able to go through the day without being raped or assaulted. My concerns are much different and, if comparisons can be drawn, much too trivial to even mention.

In further self-incrimination, I’ll submit that one my trivial concerns these days is how to get my hands on one of these:

Worse yet, I’m not the least bit ashamed in admitting this. That’s what shames me.

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