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Thought experiment: Suicide

Imagine a society where it’s completely legal and even accepted to end your life.


  • Are the people in that society (the ones choosing to remain alive) happier?
  • Is it a more productive society?
  • Is there less crime in this society?
  • Are their children raised happier?


I would imagine that initially a large number of dissatisfied people would seize the opportunity to end their misery by ending their life.  Once the initial tide of suicides subsides, the people who remain alive will raise stronger and happier children, who in their turn will do the same, leading to a happier society.


I’m in no way advocating or condoning the act of suicide.  It’s a simple thought that occurred to me which, in the spirit of free speech and uncensored stream-of-consciousness thinking, I would like to share with whomever comes across it.

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