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This fragile life

Woman crushed by concrete in Boston tunnel

You’re driving one day- just living your life – and the next thing you know…

How do you explain such occurances? Lives lost so meaninglessly? Imagine if these particular victims weren’t newlyweds but new parents. What would the father tell his child when he grew old enough to understand? “Son, your Mom died quite randomly one day when we were driving through a tunnel, because some people didn’t do a very good job mixing concrete like they should have done.”

Who’re you going to blame? The mixers or the ones not paying them enough? God, for putting them at the wrong place at the wrong time? The wife or girlfriend (or boyfriend) who didn’t sleep with the laborer the night before so that he was disgruntled and sexually frustrated the following day, leading to poor performance in his job? The teenage son who got arrested a few days ago, thoughts of whom clouded his mind as the laborer labored away at his seemingly insignificant job, the devastating and far-reaching consequences of his neglect to quality nowhere on the horizon of his consciousness?

The point is that if you impartially search for someone to blame, you won’t find anyone because everything in this realm of living is linked through cause-and-effect, and we’d be going back to the beginnings of the universe if we tried to trace culpability for everything we don’t like or want to accept.

Columbine wasn’t shot up by two teenagers. Oklahoma City wasn’t bombed by one man. Suicide bombings aren’t perpetrated by one martyr. We’re all in this together, responsible for everything every human being in the world has done, is doing, will do.

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