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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Small observation: Semantics

It just occurred to me, while visiting the homepage of, what a difference in meaning one small word can make in a phrase. Consider “Photo of the week.” That term suggests a competition, the winner of which gets to be so for a whole week. Now, if the author doesn’t intend the title to [...]

Thought from NYC

I wonder how many people visit Yahoo! Finance, and more importantly, what kind of people visit. There’s a poll on the following webpage (Best Places to Live 2006) asking voters whether they prefer a) the big city, b) a place with culture that’s not too hectic, or c) the countryside. I voted for b), but [...]

Small observation: Traffic lights

The traffic lights in New York City are opposite those in Toronto. In Toronto the red signal has the largest light (with yellow and green having smaller ones), whereas in NYC the green signal has the largest light (with, you guessed it, red and yellow having smaller ones).

This fragile life

Woman crushed by concrete in Boston tunnel You’re driving one day- just living your life – and the next thing you know… How do you explain such occurances? Lives lost so meaninglessly? Imagine if these particular victims weren’t newlyweds but new parents. What would the father tell his child when he grew old enough to [...]

Work/school similarity #1

Work is like school in very many ways. One is the following: At the training session today (which was canceled by the way), the majority of attendees were there not to learn about whatever the topic was, but for the free lunch thats provided afterwards. Upon learning that it was canceled, the question on everyones [...]

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