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Monthly Archives: August 2006

DJ Khaled|Grammy family

DJ Khaled featuring Kanye West, Consequence, and John Legend – Grammy Family

Rap music for (your) kids

How do you feel about rap music playing on the schoolbus that takes your 4th-grader to school? I encountered such a situation this morning, when the FM transmitter that was playing music from my phone in the car received interception from a passing-by schoolbus. I mean, is it right or is it wrong? Is it [...]

Portrait of a selfless mathematician?

Is this guy a true mathematician and a saintly man? The Math Was Complex, the Intentions, Strikingly Simple

My prejudice

I realize I’m making somewhat of a sweeping generalization, but I have to say that I always found it interesting that the way some people’s friendships work is that “Hey, let me hang out with my [fill in your ethnic group here] buddies to do American things together.” I realize it’s not so simple as [...]

What I want

[One of] the hardest thing[s] in life is to realize what you want. To some it comes easy; to others it never comes. A scary question for me right now is where I am on that spectrum. It’s certainly not on the “born with it” end, but is it on the “never comes” end? More [...]

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