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A little about the world, America, and Americans

From tonight’s 60 Minutes:

Global warming

  • If every car, truck, factory were shut down tomorrow, the earth would still continue to warm to at least another degree (Fahrenheit or Celsius not specified, but I presume Fahrenheit)
  • Ice is breaking up in the Arctic 3 weeks earlier in the year than it did 30 years ago
  • Complete loss of ice predicted for the Arctic by the end of the century
  • Some critics say such forecasting is as reliable as meteorologists’ weather forecasts
  • The climate change currently underway will continue to warm the planet no matter what we do

Housing in America

  • Families making over $100k annually have increased six times faster than the population
  • Average size of new model homes in the Hamptons (NY) five years ago was 3500 sq. ft; today it’s 4600 sq. ft.
  • House sizes in at least one upscale suburb of Houston have grown by 50% over the past 15 years


  • World’s best video-game player, a 25-year old from Kansas City, has made $300k in competition winnings over the past 5 years
  • Average video-gamer is now 30 years old

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