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“Who I’d like to meet”

Someone who…

  • Loves the sweetness of Mohd. Rafi’s voice
  • Appreciates Kishore Kumar’s musical genius in Door gagan ki chaon mein and Door ka rahi, and Pankaj Udhas’ musical tribute to Omar Khayyam’s Rubayee
  • Understands the poetry of Rubayee and Mirza Ghalib, and can explain to me the parts and language I don’t yet understand
  • Could share Urdu and Hindi poetry with me, since I wish I knew more
  • Would attend a Jagjit Singh concert with me, and make a special request for Meri tanhayeeon as his last song
  • Observes people and situations as much as I do, especially in social settings
  • Enjoys A.R. Rahman’s music and appreciates Gulzar’s lyrics (and movies)
  • Understands the lyrics of “Lalkaar” from Rang de basanti
  • Can introduce me to new authors and books
  • Dis-enjoys gifts and celebrations for the purpose of tradition
  • Realizes that everything I’m writing here is more about me and less about the people I want to meet; rapport is in attitude, not in details

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