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Rap music for (your) kids

How do you feel about rap music playing on the schoolbus that takes your 4th-grader to school? I encountered such a situation this morning, when the FM transmitter that was playing music from my phone in the car received interception from a passing-by schoolbus.

I mean, is it right or is it wrong? Is it fair to restrict the bus-driver in what he listens to? What about heavy metal (if that’s his preference)? Perhaps you’re averse to rap/hip-hop music and don’t see anything harmful in heavy-metal. Are you encroaching on the driver’s liberty by denying him his music or are you doing what’s fair in your eyes to ensure a safe environment for your children? They are on that bus every morning and afternoon, and the influencing power of music on young impressionable minds is undeniable.

So what’s right and what’s wrong?

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