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Monthly Archives: August 2006

The city

The city makes me feel small. It’s not just the looming skyscrapers, but also the hordes of people everywhere – walking around, sitting in offices, exiting buildings, entering stores and taxis. Already I feel like an ant in a world of 6 billion+, being stuck in an invisible rectangular cube with a one cubic foot [...]

The look

The look he just had in his eye got to me. As he turned to walk away after getting up from his chair, he faced back in reaction to someone nearby having said something. The look in his eye in that moment was one of…feeling small. He seemed human in that instance; not only human [...]

I wonder…

…if the geniuses behind the “Drug-free zone” idea realized at the time that declaring certain areas of a city drug-free implies that all other areas are not drug-free.


Being estranged from the parents who birth you predisposes you, in my opinion and experience, to being detached from pretty much everyone who comes into your life. You end up not feeling at ease much of the time around others. One reason I can think of is that because you don’t have the security of [...]

My Definition: Life coach

A life coach is someone who’s motivated enough in their own life to spread some of that enthusiasm to others. They can give your efforts direction – sometimes calculated, other times through a more blind guess – because they’re optimistic that everything works out in the end.

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