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While doing something a few days ago I experienced a moment of clarity. A question I had been wondering on for some time was answered. I remember neither the question nor its resolution, but the memory of the feeling in response to the event remains with me. I felt a sense of accomplishment and an even greater relief when the answer presented itself to me. In my head I said “Yes!” as if I’d managed to capture that ever-elusive butterfly. The question had been making me feel like I lost something in life, that I had it before and foolishly let slip away. The answer came with the realization that it wasn’t so. What I had wasn’t so great after all. A burden was lifted as the conscience released itself from a guilty stronghold and I felt much lighter.

It would be nice if I remembered the actual epiphany that precipitated such emotional drama but sadly I don’t. However, I am thankful for at least retaining the feeling of satiation after drinking from the fountain of knowledge.

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