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Too much knowledge

I find it disconcerting how much knowledge there is out there. Furthermore, how much knowledge is available for free, whether online or at the library. Take advantage of it all and you can become a real-life Will Hunting (Matt Damon’s character in Good Will Hunting).

As I was saying, there is so much knowledge available for free, and some people write and publish just for the sake of it. There are so many philosophers (and corresponding philosophies) that I couldn’t possibly learn them all were I ambitious enough to try. Just today I discovered a man named Rudolf Steiner. Incidentally, I recognized the name because Saul Bellow mentions him in the novel I’m presently reading, Humboldt’s Gift. I haven’t yet actually read what Steiner was all about, but it’s yet another philosopher to add to the already large list out there – which is not to discount Steiner’s teachings in any way. But in this age of massive numbers, whether with populations or gigahertz or megapixels, worldly things lose some of their essence when they acquire too large a scale – either that or you live a microscopic existence without grasping the “bigger picture”. A wise person, I suppose, can manage both the micro and macro levels of living, but what exactly does that mean? It’s about as meaningful or promoting of action as “think outside the box” and “expand your horizon”.

How much can I or anyone read in a lifetime? And the more I read, the more I wonder whether it’s building a wonderful edifice of knowledge for me to behold with pride and wonderment or whether it’s chipping away at the crummy library I built up inside from ordinary education, in the end leaving me more questions than answers.

I started this post with the intention of posting a link to Rudolf Steiner’s website that I came across.

Here’s another website I stumbled across. It links to a mini-book written by NASA scientist Robert Jastrow on the existence of God.

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