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Monthly Archives: December 2006


9:14 PM New year’s eve and I’m at home. One friend is with his girlfriend, others are with others. But I’m home because I actually don’t feel like being anywhere else. I don’t feel like celebrating. I felt more of that spirit last night, and so last night I went out with my friends and [...]


Be not afraid for fear is toxic. Be silent, but not so silent you vanish as vapor. If you have not the courage to speak what’s in your heart, have patience. Have hope that your inner voice will be heard by one who listens to that which is unspoken. Let destiny string you along, but [...]


8:36 AM [At work] I watched The Departed last night, and what did I dream about? Rats! I noticed a few other instances where thoughts that were on my mind before I went to bed showed up in my dreams, sometimes in obvious form, sometimes a bit more subtly. 8:11 PM I didn’t go out [...]


5:43 AM They want me to give them more than what’s expected, and then they’ll reward me. The problem of course is that what’s expected is never clearly defined in the first place. 5:50 AM I was kept lingering in a state of shallow sleep by excitement and expectation of what’s been new recently. But, [...]

My Outsourced Life

From article: As on every morning at 8:30, I get a call from Honey. “Good morning, Jacobs.” Her accent is noticeable but not too thick, Americanized by years of voice training. She’s the single most upbeat person I’ve ever encountered. Whatever soul-deadening chore I give her, she says, “That would indeed be interesting” or “Thank [...]

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