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The corporation

My God-given inclination would have me here, with you,
but my sincerely misguided efforts had me far across the landscape, toiling away half-heartedly at something always incomplete.
Tell me then, how could I be happy?

Tomorrow is a big day at work. The leash the corporation has tied around your neck is about to get released and replaced with a new one just like the old one, only shinier. The year-end bonuses are going to be announced.

Honestly I thank God that I’m not even a contender this time around (I haven’t been there long enough yet), otherwise I’d feel uncomfortable stating my ambivalence toward something so many others are highly worked up about. So many of my colleagues will go into that office tomorrow and come out feeling several degrees warmer or cooler than when they went in. I’ve already seen a few get agitated thinking about it before the fact.

When they say that wealth is concentrated at the top, they’re not kidding. Entry-level people will get a (relatively) small amount. My boss will get about as much as 3-4 of us get (maybe 5-7 if he gets lucky). His boss will get 3-5 times as much as he gets. His boss (the head of the group)…this smart man will earn a tidy little sum to the tune of 100-500x what someone at the bottom gets. We’re talking in the low millions. What the handful of people higher than him in the company will take home is up to the imagination, as revealed by The Wall Street Journal.

The concept of the bonus is ingenious. They string you along all year, getting as much work out of you as they damn well please, because they can. They make sure they keep that neon-lit candy hanging on the tree just high enough to be out of reach, but always clearly visible.

I thought I’d have more to say but right now I don’t, so I’ll suffice with stating ambiguous but to-my-knowledge accurate facts.

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