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On superstition

Superstition Mountain, AZ

Superstition is one of those things that, time after time, has the power to suck in and warp the mental balance of the best of us (by which I refer, of course, to the superstitiously adamant that they’re not superstitious about anything). While many superstitions are religiously motivated, the ones I’m more concerned about are completely secular and usually unique to the individual, so it’s not religion (in this anomaly of situations) that should be hastily blamed.

Lately I received two fortune cookies, both portending good things resulting from traveling. It’s not hard (I consider it almost human nature) to take these as a wonderful omen and create a frail ladder upon which I climb higher and higher as I receive more such signs, only to fall to my peril one day when the omens arbitrarily stop coming. It’s my sincere desire that I don’t become victim to this unique trap of superstition, which leads some to the greater superstition of resisting superstition.

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