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7:43 AM The moment I awaken, the floodgate opens and yesterday’s thoughts rush in to fill today’s pond. Thoughts of you, him, her, they, it, this, that. Everyone and everything casually walks in through the door like a daily visitor.

Hardly have I woken that the house is already full of visitors, demanding attention and consideration.

9:14 AM You walk around daily with such scars on and inside you, like a used notebook. You know something about life I don’t, and I know something you don’t. We should compare notebooks sometime.

1:15 PM What’s a day between me and you? A minor barrier.

8:01 PM There must be a reason why even the horrors perpetrated by one human being on another are the same around the world: robbery, vandalism, slander, rape, murder.

Is it really a part of human nature since it’s so universal? I have no shame or fear in saying it is, but I’m not absolutely convinced that it actually is. But I also don’t have a counter-argument to offer.

9:25 PM I think Damien Rice’s I remember is intoxicating and a work of musical genius. I’m made more fervent in my opinion because I know most people would disagree with me.

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