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9:07 AM It’s a transparent thread between art and nonsense.

10:22 AM Life’s getting done. On the BlackBerry, working weekends and nights. Projects, deadlines, promotion, bankroll. Setting aside time for that all-important home unit, the family. Office paper, disposable cups plates knives forks, living to excess, eating to excess. Spending on entertainment, saving for education. Pictures of home in the office cubicle; vision of fame and money in the home bed. Goals, ambitions, hopes, dreams. Myopic informed view of the world at large.

This is life; the American picture.

4:41 PM Added two (long) passages from Of Human Bondage.

8:01 PM Ego big as the Hindenburg, when it bursts internal chaos ensues.

11:01 PM Lacking options, the lion sets off chasing the rabbit, knowing how much more he’d prefer the sightly gazelle. Lazy bones and tired muscles question him on the payoff of this venture. His response: In the absence of other excitement, the rabbit is as desirable as the tallest giraffe.

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