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On phrases

“You can’t kickstart a dead horse.”

A meaningless, perhaps even senseless statement for you. But for me it means something. And the reason why isn’t deep abstract or philosophical. It’s simply because the timing was right. I heard this saying somewhere (I think in a song) one day, and then a few days later, after something happened that left me feeling upset, the phrase popped up in my mind. Somehow it was relevant to my then present situation, so it took on a special meaning for me.

Some weeks ago a friend and I were conversing when somehow we ended up talking about motivation for work, and he told me something he heard a long time ago that still resonates with him. It’s not so much what he said that struck me (I found it rather uninspired actually) but the fact that it meant so much to him, that he connected so deeply with those words.

Sometimes words mean something, and sometimes what they mean takes on a bigger meaning than the words themselves. There’s words, then there’s words to describe those words and what they mean to someone. It’s a crapshoot as to which has more lasting power.

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