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11:02 AM Kundera on Broch and Musil:

To emphasize: novelistic thinking, as Broch and Musil brought it into the aesthetic of the modern novel, has nothing to do with the thinking of a scientist or a philosopher; I would even say it is purposely a-philosophic, even anti-philosophic, that is to say fiercely independent of any system of preconceived ideas; it does not judge; it does not proclaim truths; it questions, it marvels, it plumbs; its form is highly diverse: metaphoric, ironic, hypothetic, hyperbolic, aphoristic, droll, provocative, fanciful; and mainly it never leaves the magic circle of its characters’ lives; those lives feed it and justify it.

The Curtain, pg. 70

1:24 PM Sometimes days blend together, and sometimes they’re starkly different one to the next. What makes it so? Today feels different from yesterday. I feel different: less energetic, jet-lagged, wanting to sleep, mentally burned and lacking the desire to do anything at all, including work.

Bell/Gaussian curve

1:31 PM Quite a few things in life follow the Bell curve. Among them:

• Man’s ability vs. age from birth till death
• Man’s ability compared to fellow man
• Trajectory of bodily features like hips and breasts
• Excitement over a new purchase or acquisition, material or otherwise

3:55 PM I try to understand people. Maybe because it’s hard to understand myself. They fascinate me, which is why I want to write about them.

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