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Monthly Archives: June 2007


10:17 PM I wish to consecrate this day and this night, and all such days and nights that precede those that have been anticipated with great vigor. The desire is to be able to relive every action and thought that leads up to the big crash, big bang of the event itself.

On writing, nature and nurture

I write both clean and dirty, in the style of Kundera and Coetzee. I write in paradox and contradiction, on impulse and in vulgar form. I wasn’t born like this. I acquired these prejudices and perversities as I grew up, and now they’re a defining feature of what I observe to be my style. I [...]

Picture of love 3

She lays there, clothed and surrounded in hospital white, body battered, soul shattered. Arms are at her side, one leg is resting peacefully flat while the other points to the ceiling, held up by nylon rope, forcibly kept straight in a hospital white cast. How she got here she doesn’t remember, but all she sees [...]

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