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On writing, nature and nurture

I write both clean and dirty, in the style of Kundera and Coetzee. I write in paradox and contradiction, on impulse and in vulgar form. I wasn’t born like this. I acquired these prejudices and perversities as I grew up, and now they’re a defining feature of what I observe to be my style. I could say I was mechanically conditioned to be who I am, to write as I do, because had I been brought up another way I might be slightly different.

But nature’s bigger than nurture, and there’s only so many different ways I could’ve been brought up. I believe the core of me is still the same as it was at birth. It’s just how I express it that might have varied slightly based on circumstance, and even that slight variation is miniscule compared to the immense lottery that nature deals our lot out of.

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