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Picture of India

It’s a different world in some ways, where they still repair things (like shoes) instead of swiftly replacing them; where paper is harder to come by than cloth most of the time; pedestrians yield to cars, not the other way around, and slower cars must give way to faster-moving ones. Here garbage sits on the surface as an invisible reminder to those who create it; monkeys cows cats and dogs roam and inhabit the same streets as their human conquerors. Here there is love on the inside and hostility and defensiveness on their faces and in their visible acts. Here you see just what adversity (from western eyes) man chooses to endure every single day, a testament to the strength of his will and desire to live (which he may not even be consciously aware of).

Here everything costs less except laundry; clean water is not-yet-but-getting-to-be a rarity. Men dress in pants shirt belt and leather shoes that are kept clean. Underneath their socks and underwear are torn and with holes.

Here they love their India but strive to make their ways western. They dress American, speak American, act American, but whether deliberately or not, their hearts remain distinctly Indian.

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