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Monthly Archives: August 2007

On truth

Truth has no substitute. The way a story unfolds, there is only one truth. It’s pure and noble, but we know all that. What we little consider is its singular relation to itself; one face of the diamond relative to all others – tarnish one and the fault is reflected everywhere else. Lies build up [...]

Blurb on India: God exists

[Originally written 7/14/07 6:44 PM] It’s been said before but because its remarkable fortitude it’s a fact worth repeating: after you come to India you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that God exists. For instance, buses pass each other on one-lane unpaved unfenced mountain roads with not even centimeters to spare, time after [...]

Note to Indian film-makers

Here’s the problem with Indian film-makers: they don’t do their homework. Where in New York City will you find a big yellow taxi with a steering-mounted manual gearbox? An American hospital where the stretcher is lazily being pushed through the ER corridor by a nurse and the attending doctor on one side and two peons [...]

India photos

India photos are here and here.

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