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Monthly Archives: January 2008

1/30/08 / How I see knowledge

2:31 PM National Geographic on your brain. 2:44 PM Imagine, if you can, the following: You enter a room, a big dark room. In your hand is a flashlight. You’re still; you turn on the flashlight and shine it around the room. You see the walls of the room and see how large it is. [...]

Oh tabla!

What is the sound of you? Like a thunderbolt, you strike a chord! b d p t are your letters…and the occasional l. Your voice is guttural and basic – even primordial. When you first strike you speak of the birth of planets and space – not like a foot falling on a moist forest [...]

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Suicide booth

Late one evening I was walking along my street when I came across a fixture that was new to me. It looked like a phone booth but I couldn’t see a phone or a phonebook when I peeked inside. Curious, I hesitantly stepped off the sidewalk and into the enclosure. As soon as the door [...]

Really cool site that pretty much explains itself from the startpage.

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