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Monthly Archives: February 2008


Welcome to the day that comes only once every four years. 6:36 AM This is an article about a phone hacker (“phreaker”) from Boston who’s 17 and blind from birth. While I didn’t read the entire article and only skimmed through it, I did notice something peculiar in it. On the first page the author [...]

The Disclosure Series

Started a project of noting memories associated with certain music albums.


2:53 PM From article: Last year, Google’s software licensing and other products generated $181 million in revenue while $16.4 billion poured in from advertising. Wow. I had no idea they made that much money from online advertising. (Why is their stock tanking again??) 3:23 PM Removed The Disclosure Series for now because of Flash player [...]


3:52 PM American Express, I declare, has the cheesiest commercials on television. I can’t seem to find two of their worst commercials online, but if I could share them here you’d know what I’m talking about. One is for the card that allows you save money into a savings account, where they have all these [...]


Added a new plugin for better implementing India photos.

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