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3/03/08 / Bryce

7:13 PM Interesting article on how “free” is a business model in the current economy. I figured I should post (one of) the sources of inspiration for my rant below.

2:37 PM What’s all this, all this shit that I – you, you and I – that we’re putting out there? What’s it all mean, what’s it all leading to? So irresponsibly we’re throwing out images and words and opinions onto this virtual world of the web. It’s got to mean something doesn’t it? Someone is storing it, someone is reading it, you and I are writing it. What’s its life cycle, business model?

I write → Someone reads → Someone becomes affected (inspired, appalled, etc.) → Someone writes in response → A relationship/communion is created…and from there it goes…

And to think someone is making money from the shit that we’re putting out. (I don’t mean that term in a derogatory way as much as an all-encompassing classification of everything everyone produces in the world of ideas and words and images.) Google comes to mind; they’re making money from our e-mails, their content; they’re tracking our browsing habits and doing who knows what with them. To think that all this shit is being stored somewhere – someone is storing it: it’s someone’s job to wake up every morning and go to work to find the best way to store these very words I’m writing right now… Now there’s a business model. Someone is data-mining (what a powerful term, to fuse the thought of mining – involving big machines and heavy weight – with the object data – light, fluffy, virtual, only substantial physically in its presentation, not its existence) through everything I’ve ever written in every e-mail since I joined Gmail and looking for patterns and proclivities and associating them with my e-mail address, name, and IP address, and building a profile on me.

Back to my original point: where are these words leading to? What is this more than Kundera’s graphomania? I’m putting myself out there through these words and images, so what privacy am I expecting? Isn’t this my own little realm of celebrity, and isn’t the very definition of celebrity the lack of privacy? We want our fame and we want our privacy as well. We’re funny. I’m funny.

What I originally wanted to say (when I first started writing this mess of a post) is how recklessly we put these words out there. They’re jumbled, unorganized; their content may be gold but their presentation is anything but because we’re not answerable to anyone, any party or authority, to be concise and coherent and simply even proper. (Have you looked at bloggers’ grammar lately?) We’re simply creating what we can, in our American (good for candid disclosure and ease of creativity/bad for reading and interpreting and perpetuating) fashion, and throwing it out there, and someone’s reading it, someone’s laughing at it – someone’s making a living off it.

This post itself is incoherent; what’s it about? It’s at the same time about many things and not properly about any one of them. Yet I’m just going to put it out there – because I can.

9:00 AM Warren Buffet, investor extraordinaire, says on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning that according to any common sense measures, the US is already in an economic recession.

8:16 AM [It's getting boring titling these posts with just the day's date, so I'm going to start naming them, like scientists name their skunkworks projects.]

So I quit Facebook a few days ago. In my own words (in an e-mail to a friend), the reason why:

I was getting all these random requests on Facebook and they were getting annoying, plus I was finding it to be TMI (too much information) about people I don’t even really talk to. Most people I know are addicted to it like you say you are, but I find it relieving to get away. I guess I’d rather have personal contact with the people I actually talk to than read some news feed about them. Just my own little quirk.

On a separate note, I learned, through Website grader, that the reading level of my website is Graduate school. So for anyone who finds it hard to read, my bad.

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