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3/05/08 / Moses

9:51 PM Only in France: Cemetery full, mayor tells locals not to die. From article:

In an ordinance posted in the council offices, Mayor Gerard Lalanne told the 260 residents of the village of Sarpourenx that “all persons not having a plot in the cemetery and wishing to be buried in Sarpourenx are forbidden from dying in the parish.”

It added: “Offenders will be severely punished.”

11:50 AM Thought last night that a good name for a site parodizing Facebook would be Fuckbook. I checked this morning and it looks like someone already beat me to the thought! (I’m not sure what this one is supposed to be though.)

11:35 PM I opened a Tumblr blog, just to see what it’s all about. I’ll post random stuff there, I guess.

There’s a bunch of other stuff I’m working on – feels like too much actually – that I’ll slowly post as they bear fruition.

11:27 PM Moses was high when he heard the Ten commandments!

Such mind-altering substances formed an integral part of the religious rites of Israelites in biblical times, Benny Shanon, a professor of cognitive psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem wrote in the Time and Mind journal of philosophy.

“As far Moses on Mount Sinai is concerned, it was either a supernatural cosmic event, which I don’t believe, or a legend, which I don’t believe either, or finally, and this is very probable, an event that joined Moses and the people of Israel under the effect of narcotics,” Shanon told Israeli public radio on Tuesday.

Moses was probably also on drugs when he saw the “burning bush,” suggested Shanon, who said he himself has dabbled with such substances.

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