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3/06/08 / Moscow

4:09 PM It almost looks like a toy but my God would this thing be fun to drive!
Lotus Exige 240R
1.8L supercharged Toyota 2ZZ engine (built by Yamaha) gives 0-60 time of 4 seconds. Price? Just under $70k.

11:20 AM On billionaires (from CNBC, who, in turn, were quoting Forbes Magazine):

Countries with the most (in order):
• Russia
• Germany
• India
• China
• Turkey

Top 5 billionaires worldwide (in order):
• Warren Buffett, USA
• Carlos Slim, Mexico
• Bill Gates, USA
• Lakshmi Mittal, India
• Mukesh Ambani, India

General facts:
• There are more billionaires this year than last year
• Moscow now the city with most billionaires, edging out New York City
• Youngest billionaire: Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, 23

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