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Monthly Archives: April 2008

4/29/08 / Genius

6:36 PM “Simple” formula for becoming a genius, from a article about a Polish scientist who developed a method and software for learning and retaining new knowledge (bolds and italics mine): Philosopher William James once wrote that mental life is controlled by noticing. Climbing out of the sea and onto the windy beach, my [...]

Miami favorites

My favorites from the Miami bunch: Removed photos because it was causing the page to load slowly. They can be seen at the link above.

On writing

Very good excerpts from Letters to a Young Novelist, a book I recently finished. (Italics author’s, bolds mine.) On why writers write: What is the origin of this early inclination, the source of the literary vocation, for inventing beings and stories? The answer, I think, is rebellion. I’m convinced that those who immerse themselves in [...]

4/18/08 / TA

9:00 AM I’m glad to learn that I’m not the only one with that feeling of being too “plugged in”. From article: “I think there is some common-sense part of us that says, ‘Wait a second. This has gone too far. We are too plugged-in,’”…” “It’s like our mind is going in a million different [...]

4/16/08 / Utah

9:24 AM I myself was wondering how the FDLS church manages the 3:1 woman-to-man ratio they have in their communities. The simple answer, from this Slate article, is that they just kick the boys out: As is well-known, the FLDS teaches that plural marriage—whereby each man partners with at least three women—is essential to salvation. [...]

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