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7/22/08 / Crazy

9:18 AM I can’t believe I didn’t write about this earlier, because it was so…odd.  A few weeks ago, while I was having a coffee at Panera Bread one evening, a man in his 50s came up to me and started talking.  I was playing with my new camera so I thought he was going to ask about that, but he just said “I want to talk to you,” went back to the counter to get his food, and came and sat down by me.

I told him I’m a stock-trader so he asked me to advise him how he could make money.  After that he started telling me about himself.  Among the things he told me:

  • He made money trading real estate, both commercial and residential, often in millions of dollars
  • He was from a small village in Kashmir, a village so small it wasn’t even on the map.  He said he spoke Urdu, yet when he had a phone call he didn’t speak in English or Urdu but some third language.  He looked like he was from Iran or around there.
  • He had two wives, both Indian.  He had dated American but realized they didn’t understand him.  It was one of his wives who had just called.
  • When I told him I had lived in Toronto, he said he loved it there and owned a house there.  When I asked him where in Toronto, he said he couldn’t remember because he had just bought it and hadn’t been up there long enough to live in it.
  • He talked about how corrupt the government is, and how the FDA is the most corrupt agency of all.  He said his brother had found cures for all major diseases, including cancer and AIDS, but the FDA blocked him from producing them (and even jailed him at one point).  His brother now lives in Canada, he said.

He said a couple of other things but I don’t recall them.  I was left wondering, after he left, whether he could have been telling the truth.  Who’s to guarantee he wasn’t?  From all the signs I observed he seemed to be lying, and maybe even a bit crazy, but what if he wasn’t?  It’s one of those things you can’t know unless you really investigate, with a truly open mind.

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