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7/28/08 / Palm

7:17 PM Over the past ten years I’ve had three computers.  Now that I’m moving on to a 4th, I was just comparing in my mind how much things have changed (or haven’t changed) over 10 years.  The biggest change over the years is that they’ve gotten cheaper, by a couple hundred dollars each time.

The last two were laptops, and the next one is as well.  From oldest to latest:

eMachines 5312 (January 2004-September 2006)

HP Pavilion dv6000 (September 2006 – current)

Gateway M-6851 (arriving this week)

Picture of Gateway® M-6848 Garnet Red

3:48 PM Ex-Google engineers launched a new search engine, Cuil, which they claim indexes multiples more webpages than Google or any other search engine.  According to this article, Cuil indexes 120 billion webpages while the last available figure for Google is 8.2 billion from three years ago.

Normally I wouldn’t care about something like this, but since the site went live just today, I was curious about how well it searched my website.  In the morning when I searched for “kuch khayaal” it returned nothing, and now it’s returning over 100,000 results.

On a sidenote, Cuil won’t collect and store users’ search histories unlike Google.

2:31 PM Last night, on a PBS evening news show, I learned that orangutans are being threatened because we, humans, are (supposedly) eating healthier.

This whole recent drive for “No Trans Fats” has driven up demand for palm oil, which is leading to farmers in Indonesia and Borneo taking over orangutan habitat to harvest more palm trees.

My first thought, upon hearing this, was that you really can’t get something for nothing.

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