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7/30/08 / Sugar

2:16 PM

Watching The Tin Drum.  So far it seems to be translated quite literally from book-form to movie-form.  I think for anyone watching it without having read the book, it would just seem strange and even random.

11:05 AM My new computer should arrive today.

I’m watching Pleasure for Sale (NY Times Review), a 3-part Sundance channel series about the lives of legal prostitutes in Nevada.  I don’t remember where I heard about it.

There are some interesting characters on here.  One of them is married and brings home more money in a week than her husband does in a month.  Another went to medical school.  Yet another was gang-raped when she was 19, which made her curious about pain in sex.  Now sex for her doesn’t feel fulfilling unless it destroys her, she says.

The most shocking one for me was the medical school one, because that’s something I would never have imagined on my own, that someone would choose to be a prostitute after medical school.  For me it only goes to show that there is more to life than status and money, and never to assume anything about anyone.

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