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New computer setup

This is something I don’t usually do, post tech talk on here, but I feel like listing just how I’m setting up my new computer.

  1. It came pre-installed with Vista x64, which I would prefer to use, but a bunch of the photo-editing software I want to use – which I essentially bought the computer for – is not compatible with x64.  After playing around with x64 for a while (and noticing there’s nothing ostensibly different, at least from my brief inspection), I installed the 32-bit x86 version from the supplied DVD.  It overwrote the previous installation and got rid of all the pre-installed crap that PC makers put on new machines, like Norton Internet Security, Norton Anti-Virus, games, and Microsoft Office trial edition.
  2. The real deal-breaker about x64 for me was not being able to install Altiris Software Visualization Studio (SVS).  Using that I can install applications into virtual slots that can easily be deactivated when I’m not using them and even deleted when I no longer need them.  Unfortunately SVS requires Vista x86, so I had to get rid of x64.
  3. After installing x86 I downloaded the wireless LAN driver on my current HP laptop, put it on a xD card, and installed it on the new laptop, thereby giving it internet access.
  4. From there I downloaded and installed drivers for display, sound, card reader, LAN, motherboard and sATA controller, and touchpad.  I lost count of how many times I restarted the computer, but it must be around 30 or so.
  5. Now I was ready to install SVS.  I tried several times and kept getting an error.  Then I realized the solution was to right-click on the .exe and select “Run as Administrator”.  That solved that issue.

To be continued…

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