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8/19/08 / Bolder

12:18 PM I’m in Boulder.  That’s right, Boulder, Colorado.  I’ve moved here.  From where I'm sitting right now (in a cafe), I can see the mountains behind all the cars and the Safeway that’s across the street from me.  (And that’s not a typo in the title.)

Google seems to be a little too eager to relegate many of my legitimate e-mails as spam.  As much as I wish some of them were spam (like credit card statements), I keep having to go through 200+ spam mails everyday to make sure I don’t lose anything valuable.  Their filter doesn’t seem to be learning either, because the same e-mails keep getting sent to spam, even though I keep moving them back to the Inbox.  Maybe it’s because I’m using Microsoft Outlook with IMAP and not the Gmail web interface?

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