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8/22/08 / Anshu

3:23 PM I also got the following DVDs from the library:

I haven’t seen any of these before.

2:37 PM Happy birthday Anshu!  (It’s my brother’s birthday.)

I spent a few hours at the Boulder Public Library today, where I used the internet, had a coffee at their cafe, and checked out the following books:

To learn about digital photography (specifically, making a photo blog) and web design

Fiction, from two authors I’ve read before.  I got this Saul Bellow because it was short, and the Kundera one is one of his few that I haven’t read yet.  I was about to check out Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks (which I started reading over Christmas break last year and got through maybe 1/5 of) but I couldn’t hold that many books in my hand!

This one I picked up while I was searching for William James (the one I had to leave midway because of the move).

1:05 PM Boulder move facts

Link to map

Car 2001 Honda Civic 4-door EX
Total miles driven 1802.7 miles
Total drive time 3 days, approximately 10 hours driving time each day
Average gas consumption 38.39 MPG
Average speed 63 MPH
Gas stops made 5 (not empty at each fill)
States driven through (in order) Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado
Motels stayed at London, OH: Motel 6
Kansas City, MO: Days Inn
Denver, CO: Howard Johnson
# of tolls paid 1
# of times got lost 0
# of accidents/incidents 0

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