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8/26/08 / Inside

5:19 PM My focus, over the past few months, has been shifting, from writing to photography.  I’m getting interested in web design – not so much for itself but as a means to an end, to be able to present my photographs in the best possible way.  Right now I feel I’m just limited by my own lack of knowledge, which isn’t such a bad feeling because it’s a call to take up a challenge.

5:10 PM I’ve been doing a lot of reading about tags lately, because I’m still figuring out how to organize the photos on my photo blog.  I came across a good analogy describing categories and tags: Categories are like the table of contents and tags are like the index.  I think that’s pretty clear and accurate.

After reading a lot about tagging on Lorelle on WordPress, I decided not to add Technorati tags to my posts, because I agree with her that those tags rarely ever return relevant results, because tagging is such a make-up-words-on-the-fly process.

5:05 PM I registered for a Travel writing and photography conference taking place in Boulder in September.  It was a bit pricey, but considering all the magazine editors coming there, it seemed worth it.  I’m excited for it, and in preparation I’m setting up more photos on my new photo blog.  It should be interesting to listen to how they got into the career, and also to have speed-date sessions with editors!

The speakers include the Editor-in-chief of Outside magazine, photo editors, publishers, and freelancers.

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