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8/27/08 / Maps

10:35 PM I have discovered Pixelpost.  It’s an open source platform specifically for photoblogs!


Not bad for out of the box.  The EXIF technical data is there like I want it!  The only thing to figure out now is whether I can post both single and multiple photos in one post or not.

9:26 PM The internet is back!

I made a deal with my next-door neighbor (who turned out to be ‘HotSpot@Home’) to split his internet bill with him, which is about $45/month he said.  It’s a win-win for us both: I get to avoid signing up with Qwest or Comcast, and he gets to lower the monthly cost of something he’s paying for already.  It’s a small but smart way to work around the system, I think.

Separately, I went to the local Farmer’s market tonight.  It’s held twice weekly, on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  When I was picking out which tomatoes to buy (I didn’t know how expensive tomatoes are: $5.50 for 3 organic ones!), I remembered how it was when I was little and my grandfather or grandmother used to take me along when they went to buy groceries at the markets in Delhi.  It was the same concept, except there it was a lot louder and people haggled over everything.  (There was one Indian couple at the market tonight, an elderly couple, and sure enough I overheard the man asking the girl selling produce whether she could give him a deal on something.)

The best way for me to describe how I feel about haggling – especially over little stuff like fruits and vegetables – is that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

2:28 PM My internet got stolen from me.  Rather, the person I was wirelessly “borrowing” it from decided to stop me.  He (or she, but I doubt it) secured the network so I can no longer get on the network ‘HotSpot@Home’.  So now I’m at the library, which thankfully has a branch less than a 10-minute walk from my place.

11:10 AM This web development stuff isn’t easy, and it’s confusing.  I’m trying to get a simple map to show the location of the photo I’m showcasing on the photo blog.  To do that I had to go through four WordPress plugins until I finally found one that worked within my scope of knowledge.  Basically the problems were:

  • XML Google Maps: Too complicated.  Didn’t seem to work well with the Grain theme I’m using.  After spending a lot of time with it (and downloading Google Earth, which I later deleted), I finally got a map to display, but it was a generic map, and not localized to the location I wanted to show.
  • UMapper: I didn’t try this one, just because I wanted to stick to a known service, like Google, Yahoo!, or Live.
  • Google Maps in Posts: This one wouldn’t activate in my WordPress installation.  So that was that for this one.
  • Inline Google Maps: This one showed the map but there was nothing on it.  The documentation said that this may happen and that I would have to investigate the CSS properties of my site to fix it.  I’m just starting to learn CSS and I can’t deal with that right now.
  • Geo Mashup: Finally one that worked out of the box!  The good thing about this one is that I can add a map right from WordPress, without having to go to Google Maps and copying-and-pasting a link like the others required.

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