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On state of photography

I think, now that everyone and their mother – and this includes me – is using some derivative of Photoshop and its ilk (Photoshop Elements, Picasa, Paint Shop Pro, etc.) to process and enhance their photos, that the emphasis in the photographic process (compose -> shoot -> develop/process -> share) goes to the first two steps, especially the first one.

The composition of a frame is something you can’t alter (at least not dramatically and/or realistically) no matter how much technology you use.  If a photo is of a tiger from behind running off into its den, you can’t (again, realistically) change it in the development stage to be that of a tiger from the side running through a shallow stream.

With the advent of digital photography and the ease with which photos can now be enhanced and altered, the most artistic stage of the creative process, I think, reverts back to the very first stage: what you see with your eye and how you frame and capture it.  After that you can process it all you want but the basic picture remains the same.

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