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Book review: Color management (1)

It’s nice to be able to start a book in the late afternoon and finish it by evening.  That’s what I did yesterday with this book:

It was actually very informative, and I learned new things and terminology I had heard before but wasn’t sure about before, like:

  • Proofing means to check how something will look once it’s printed before it’s printed.  Soft-proofing means simulating the printer on the computer, and hard-proofing means simulating one printer using another.
  • Computers have different methods of converting between color profiles.  You can choose to have them match the source’s white with the destination’s white, or you can choose whether the source applies its black or adopts the destination’s blackpoint.
  • Here’s something cool: A company called Dry Creek Photo has profiled most if not all the printers at Costco locations throughout the country.  I can go on their website, download the ICC profile for the Costco photo lab’s printer near me, and know, sitting here at home, just what my print will look like when it comes out!

I’ve got another book (below) which I’ve just started.  When I’m finished that I’ll note what I learn from that one.  As of right now, however, I’m learning to use Microsoft’s Expression Web web authoring software.

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