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9/08/08 / Light

9:33 PM So I tried three more Lightbox plugins, and finally got one working that I like:

  • Slimbox – by the same guy as a plugin below.  I thought it might work because since it’s not actually Lightbox, it wouldn’t conflict with Photoxhibit.  But it didn’t end up working.
  • jQuery Lightbox – I was quite excited when this one actually worked, not only because it worked but because it told me that there’s nothing inherently wrong in my site!  But, sadly, it’s too dark, and there’s an annoying credit to the plugin maker in the top-right corner whenever it’s used.
  • Shadowbox – the one that finally did it!  It’s what I’m using, and it’s compatible with Lightbox (rel=”lightbox” works as well as rel=”shadowbox”)!

My only regret is not finding a plugin that works which I could have used for all images, so I wouldn’t have to mark each one with the rel tag.

7:56 PM Went hiking today, on a trail similar to the Royal Arch trail I did last time.  This one was called Mt. Sanitas trail.  Stats:

Round-Trip Length: 3.1 miles

Start / End Elevation: 5,537′ – 6,863′ (6,863′ max elevation)

Elevation Change: +1,326′ net elevation gain (+1,372′ total roundtrip elevation gain)

Skill Level: Moderately Strenuous

Mt Sanitas

12:44 PM I’m trying to incorporate Lightbox into the site so images can be viewed in full without navigating away from the main page.  I tried the JavaScript solution (<script type=”type/javascript” …) both in the header file and in the individual post, but that didn’t work.  Then I tried the following two plugins:

  • Lightbox 2 – this one didn’t play nice with PhotoXhibit when I enabled it for all posts.  And even when that feature was disabled, it didn’t work for individual posts anyway.
  • Lightbox2 – this one didn’t work, and when it was activated, page 5 of the archives would refuse to load.

PhotoXhibit seems to be able to use Lightbox just fine for displaying its galleries.  Confusing.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m using Microsoft’s Live Writer for composing and publishing my posts?  But when I tried the JavaScript solution I edited the post directly inside WordPress, so Live Writer wasn’t involved, and as far as I could see the only thing Live Writer inserted was <p> tags.

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  1. September 9, 2008 at 7:00 am

    I should be releasing an update to my Shadowbox JS plugin shortly that will automatically insert the rel attribute for all image links. Keep an eye out. I hope to release before the end of the month. Hopefully sooner.

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