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What I’ve learned: Freelance photography

Here’s a brief summary of what I learned at the conference I attended last weekend on travel writing and photography:

  • A website is becoming (or perhaps already has) your face to the world.  If it’s not professional and slick you risk alienating potential clients and editors.  Having a clean and efficient website was repeatedly emphasized throughout the conference.
  • The general consensus, at least among the photographers and the publishers who publish their books, was that digital is not up to par with film in terms of book print quality, but it sure is much more convenient.
  • I noted this already, but sites like Facebook and Flickr take away many rights you might not think they would.
  • Magazines work about 4 months in advance, so right now most magazines are working on or completing their January/February 2009 issue.  When photo editors need photos for stories or features without photographers assigned to them, they send out a mass e-mail to all the photographers on their list, asking if they have photos that fit that particular article or situation.
  • Wedding photography is a pretty standard “safety” for most photographers when they need money.  There will always be weddings and hence a need for wedding photographers.

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