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Monthly Archives: October 2008

10/31/08 / Hollow

8:55 AM I noticed that I’ve been coming into contact with several left-handed people lately.  And it’s interesting the way they hold their pen, slanting it top-out/bottom-in, so the tip of the pen is actually closer to their body than the top-end. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the people being [...]

10/27/08 / Rip

10:12 PM I just spent about 2 hours messing with PHP code, trying to get the header image above not to link to the homepage (so the site will work as intended in Firefox).  Then I realized that the header image rotator plugin I use to randomize the header image on a daily basis has [...]

10/22/08 / Rama

8:22 PM Song of the day: I was watching Karzzzz, and while the movie is actually watchable, I realized, after hearing Himesh’s version of Ek Haseena Thi, what a genius R.D. Burman was to compose the original song. 2:20 PM Started watching Ramchand Pakistani but it seemed too serious, so I had to stop it [...]

10/15/08 / Hump

1:04 PM Generally, at some point in the life of a week, it starts to feel old, aged.  It’s not always on Wednesdays, “hump day” as it’s known.  For me for this week, for example, that moment was last night, as I lay in bed to fall asleep.  As I lay there I thought, “Wow, [...]

10/13/08 / Play

11:24 AM A little while ago I opined that American Express should work on their advertising – make it less cheesy and more realistic.  Well, Best Buy should do the same.  “You, happier”?  That’s a pretty cheesy slogan.  And their commercials are really geeky and fake (“This LG would be perfect for you.  And Geek [...]

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