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10/12/08 / Ute

8:34 PM It’s been raining all day.

Went hiking on a new trail today, the Ute trail on Flagstaff Mountain.  I was impressed to find that there was a separate path that was wheelchair-accessible.  It was foggy to the point of not being able to see more than 15-20 feet.  I drove through curvy mountain roads, never hitting over 35 mph (and even that for always less than 5 seconds at a stretch).

I took my camera with me, but as is bound to happen to everyone at some point in time (I like to think), I forgot the memory card in the reader, attached to the laptop at home.  It would have been a wonderful photo-taking opportunity.

From ProTrails:

Round-Trip Length: 1.1 miles

Start / End Elevation: 6,785′ – 6,785′ (6,980′ max elevation)

Elevation Change: +220′ total roundtrip elevation gain

Skill Level: Easy

Pet Regulations: Dogs Allowed

101208 hike

After that one, I went back to Chautauqua Park that I last hiked almost two months ago.  We (Lila and I) didn’t do the strenuous Royal Arch hike I did last time, but the much easier Bluebell-Mesa (0.6 miles) – Bluebell-Baird (0.7 miles) loop. (link)

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