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10/27/08 / Rip

10:12 PM I just spent about 2 hours messing with PHP code, trying to get the header image above not to link to the homepage (so the site will work as intended in Firefox).  Then I realized that the header image rotator plugin I use to randomize the header image on a daily basis has an option to make the image link to the homepage.  All I had to do was switch a “Yes” to “No” and the problem was solved in 2 seconds.

8:28 PM Since I’ve been working from home lately, this article caught my attention.

Of note (bolds mine):

Last year, researchers from Penn State analyzed 46 studies of telecommuting conducted over two decades and covering almost 13,000 employees. Their sweeping inquiry concluded that working from home has “favorable effects on perceived autonomy, work-family conflict, job satisfaction, performance, turnover intent, and stress.” The only demonstrable drawback is a slight fraying of the relationships between telecommuters and their colleagues back at headquarters — largely because of jealousy on the part of the latter group. That’s the first problem you solve when you kill your office.

Earlier this year, an IDC report from Asia found that 81 percent of managers believe telecommuting improves productivity, up from 61 percent in 2005.

12:20 PM

The question is not whether every Muslim is a terrorist.  The question is whether every terrorist is Muslim.

From Shoot on Sight

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