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11/27/08 / NPS

9:15 PM I’m in a motel in Santa Fe, NM.  We (Lila and I) drove down to Albuquerque today, and saw that it’s a pretty uneventful town.  The University of New Mexico is there, and Old Town Plaza is nice, but other than that there wasn’t much.  We took a hike at the Petroglyph National Monument just before it started pouring.  Maybe it everything wasn’t closed for Thanksgiving we would have had a better impression of the city.

Here’s a list of national parks and monuments (site) in the U.S. that I’ve visited so far (in reverse-chronological order):

  • Great Sand Dunes (CO)
  • Petroglyph National Monument (NM)
  • Bandelier National Monument (NM)
  • Rocky Mountains (CO)
  • Everglades (FL)
  • Shenandoah (VA)
  • Grand Canyon (AZ)
  • Yosemite (CA)
  • Yellowstone (WY)
  • Mammoth Caves (KY)

When I got the idea to list them I thought it would be longer.  Anyway, I’ll write more (and more properly) about the trip once it’s over, including routes taken, places visited, and photos of those places.

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